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Clark Jordan-Holmes

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Description of Practice

I am putting my decades of litigation experience to work as a full-time Neutral I am ready to serve as a trained Arbitrator, Family Law Mediator & Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil Certified Mediator. I have always been a trial lawyer, government lawyer and foreclosure lawyer, among other areas. I have been a trial attorney with the highest ratings granted. The court system is expensive, slow and not always just. I love bringing resolution to conflicts in a more cost-effective manner. I pride myself in creating common ground when it seems impossible going into the mediation. Let's fix the broken system by resolving the conflicts you are dealing with.

Professional Background

Clark Jordan-Holmes has been a Certified Circuit Court Mediator since 2004. He is a qualified mediator in both the state and federal courts. He is experienced in Personal Injury, Family Law, Residential Mortgage Foreclosure and virtually all areas. He is an AV rated trial attorney. He served for over fifteen (15) years as General Counsel for the Hillsborough Transit Authority. He is now a full-time mediator at MediationForFlorida.Com The mediations he has conducted include personal injury disputes, contract disputes, foreclosures, Homeowner Association issues and collection matters. His decades of non-profit experience mediating relations in the housing, cultural and race-relations are now an asset to his mediation practice. He is approved as a residential foreclosure mediator by the Federal Bankruptcy Court, American Arbitration Association and others. Jordan-Holmes helped publish numerous articles by the Federal Transit Administration’s, TCRP Legal Research Digest. He received his law and undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and did post-graduate studies in Government Administration at the University of Maryland. At the University of Florida he was honored to be the Editor-in-Chief of The Verdict; Student Senator; elected representative to the John Marshal Bar Association; and to be a Staff Member of the Center for Governmental Responsibility. He served as a District Advisor in Loc Ninh, Vietnam. He left the U.S. Army as a Captain and was awarded the Bronze Star with an oak leaf cluster and the Cross of Gallantry.


Mr. Jordan-Hoilmes has been certified in the Alternate Dispute Resolution area since 2004. He has mediated a great variety of matters. He is a member of Mediators Beyond Borders and was nominated to be Mediator of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who


University of Florida undergraduate and Juris Doctorate degree.


My goal as a mediator is to identify and, if necessary, create common ground. Knowing the law and human nature facilitates that creating of common ground. Such common ground almost inevitably exists, but is only manifested with the improved communications and the creative doses of logic and reality that I believe I can bring to the process. Mediation has the capability of identifying & creating or delivering a common ground not easily found in any other manner. The mediation process requires a mediator to possess excellent litigation skills & knowledge, combined with talents like those exhibited throughout Clark Jordan-Holmes’ career. As your mediator, Clark Jordan-Holmes can help increase your chances of capturing the advantages the mediation process can offer. His experience, qualifications & approach will help create a positive environment for resolving any type of dispute. Mediation is both an art and science. It utilizes time tested techniques but also relies on the talents and commitment of the mediator. Some of the key attributes exhibited by successful mediators and possessed by Clark include: • Good listening skills • Integrity • Diplomacy • Experience – A knowledge resulting from decades of real-life litigation • Analytic Skills – The ability to walk each party through the strengths and weaknesses of each case and to thereby consider the possibilities of various consequences. • A lifetime of Diversity Training that respects the different reference points individuals may bring to a situation.


Litigation Cases [2 party]: $325.00/hr. Pre-suit Mediation [2 party]: $185/hr. Family Law: $100.00 pre-suit to $180/hr. per party, depending upon the combined income and court requirements. o The hourly fees listed above are totals. Usually each party pays their proportionate share. o We do not charge for travel time. o There is a required fee of two (2) hours For every mediation lasting two (2) hours or more, there is no charge for preparation time. In that case the two (2) hour minimum applies only to actual mediation time. There is never a charge for all reasonable time required to schedule the mediation. In the event a mediation is cancelled less than three (3) days before the scheduled date, the party requesting the cancellation will incur a $125.00 cancellation fee. If all parties request the cancellation, each party will be billed a pro rata portion of the cancellation fee. Payment • The two (2) hour minimum fee should be paid and received at least seventy-two (72) hours before the scheduled start time of the mediation. • We recommend that clients bring a check with them so that payment can be made immediately following the mediation conference. • Attorneys - Please note that it is expressly understood between MediationFla and counsel for the parties that the attorneys and their law firms are responsible for paying fees if their clients fail to do so.

Areas of Practice

  • Business
  • Civil (general)
  • Commercial
  • Contracts
  • Employment
  • General
  • Partnership
  • Real Estate

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediating Lawyer
  • Arbitrator
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Facilitator
  • Online Mediator
  • Online Arbitrator