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Additional Online Mediating Resources



Pouring a Little Psychological Water on Online Dispute Resolution, by Jean Sternlight

Online Dispute Resolution: Stinky, Repugnant, or Drab, by Robert Condlin

What Dinosaurs Can Teach Lawyers about How to Avoid Extinction in the ADR Evolution, by Elayne E. Greenberg and Noam Ebner

Getting Started:

Practice Set-up, article by David Smith

Practical Set-up with Zoom, article by Clare Fowler

Alternatives to Zoom, article by LifeHacker

Online Mediation Guidelines, by MediateBC







Zoom settings, Standard Settings list

Zoom Standards, FDRIO by Julie Gill and Cathryn Paul

Sample Ground Rules, article discussing online confidentiality

Online Etiquette, article by the NY Times


Sample Mediation Agreement.docx, CIS version by Roger Moss

After mediation, many send the agreement via DropBox or Caseload Manager for clients to review and sign.



Many mediators are still charging for online mediations with the same hourly rate. Some have set-up new processes, such as charging per conversation, which might only last 20 minutes with each party.

Payment options are, Zelle, Venmo, and Square. Set-up an account and send clients the link to pay.


Teaching and Presenting:

Best Practices for Online Teaching, Webinar produced by Mitchell Hamline

Teaching Online, article by Noam Ebner



Caseload Manager: Case management system produced by

CREK: case management system, designed by Colin Rule

MODRIA: court/large scale case management

Zoom: video-conferencing software

MODRON: video and text software

MS Teams: allows for video and chat meetings, with assignments, no breakout rooms

Webex: video-conferencing software

Neutral Rosters/Career:

esports adr

EEOC online mediator roster

BBB online mediator roster send cases to the affiliate mediator panel