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Online Mediating Continuing Education Schedule

2019-2020 Webinar Schedule, via Zoom, Pacific time, 9am

September 5:
Onramp to ODR: Hybridizing Your Existing Practice
Video & PDF

October 3:
Branding Your ODR Business: Fees and Marketing
(Tom King)

Video & PDF

November 7:
Online Opportunities: Thinking Outside of Your Area Code 

(Colin Rule)

December 5:
Ethics: Issues So S
trange They Could Only Happen Online 
(Bruce McCallister and Frank Fowlie)

January 9:
FAQ: What is Working and What are the Obstacles

February 6:
Platforms--new opportunities

March 5:
Online Data Storage Concerns and Safeguards:
(Thomas Zgambo and Thomas Griffin)

April 2:
Technical Difficulties

May 7:
Where are the Cases?
(Colin Rule)

June 4:
Focus on Real Estate

(Roger Moss)

July 2:
Focus on Divorce

(Jim Melamed)