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Online Mediating Continuing Education Schedule

Online Mediating Continuing Education Schedule

2019-2020 Webinar Schedule, via Zoom, Live and Recorded




September 5:
Onramp to ODR: Hybridizing Your Existing Practice
Video & PDF

October 3:
Branding Your ODR Business: Fees and Marketing
Tom King
Video & PDF

November 7:
Online Opportunities: Setting Up a New Practice-- Cyberweek presentation
Colin Rule

December 5:
Ethics: Issues So Strange They Could Only Happen Online 

Bruce McCallister and Frank Fowlie




January 9:
Obstacles to Online Dispute Resolution

February 6:
Platforms--new opportunities

March 5:
Online Data Storage Concerns and Safeguards:

April 2:
Technical Difficulties

May 14:
Online Real Estate Disputes
Roger Moss

June 4:
Where are we Going?
Group Discussion

July 2:
Access to ODR
David Larson

August 6
Ethan Katsch
September 3
Online Arbitration
Amy Schmitz
October 1
Training Online Mediators
Graham Ross
November 5
The Past and Future of ODR
Ethan Katsh
December 3
Labor Management ODR (and governmental)
Dan Rainey


January 7, 2021
Designing ODR Systems
Jan Martinez
February 4, 2021
Family 1 - Domestic Violence Screening
Don Saposnek and Hilary Linton
March 4, 2021
ODR Platform Demos
Colin Rule
April 1, 2021
Reviewing and Evaluating Family ODR Systems

May 6, 2021
Our Family Wizard Demo

June 3, 2021
Mandatory ODR for EU Consumers
Pablo Cortes
July 1, 2021
AI and ODR
Arno Lodder
August 2021
Building Your Online Practice
Michael Aurit
September 2021
Building Your Online Practice
Clare Fowler
October 2021
Open Discussion Session
November 2021
Skill Refresher