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Online Mediator Certification Overview

Online Mediator Certificiation

Distinguish Yourself as a Certified Online Mediator! & now offer our ground-breaking Online Mediator Certification Program. 

To meet rapidly expanding requests for online mediation, and have established a panel of Certified Online Mediators. We train and certify every mediator on our Certified Online Mediator Panel. We are simultaneously working to develop new case volumes for our Certified Online Mediator Panels. 

Our new Online Mediator Certification Program is available to our "face-to-face" Certified Mediators and other comparably experienced mediators. Our "face-to-face" Mediator Certification or the equivalent is a pre-requisite for our Certified Online Mediator Panel.

New Training Dates Offered! and Online Mediators are now offering the following 20-hour "Mediating Online" Courses (2 hours per day for 10 days) that satisfy the Certified Online Mediator training requirement.  Live and recorded participation are available!

April 20-May 1, 2020
MediationExpress Training - Mediating Workplace, Property and Financial Disputes Online
with Colin Rule, Clare Fowler and Jim Melamed
Real-time course modules each weekday from 4-6 Eastern; 1-3 Pacific;

recordings also available

May 11-22, 2020
Mediating Divorce and Family Agreement Online
with Michael Aurit, Jim Melamed, Clare Fowler and Colin Rule
Live course modules each weekday from 4-6 Eastern; 1-3 Pacific

recordings also available

Here is more information on how's Online Mediator Certification works:  

  • first ensures that our Certified Online Mediators are already trained and experienced in face-to-face mediation by requiring face-to-face Mediator Certification or the equivalent for our Online Certified Mediators;
  • We require complete professional information disclosure and transparency;
  • Our Certified Mediators are required to disclose their training and case experience. 
  • We require the highest ethical standards and that a mediator's references are made available to participants; and
  • We investigate complaints made against our Certified Mediators. "face-to-face" Mediator Certification requires at least 100 hours of general mediation training and at least 200 hours of general mediation (face-to-face) case experience.  This level of training and experience are a pre-requisite for Online Mediator Certification.

For Online Mediator Certification, we also require our dedicated 20 hour Online Mediator Certification Training or the equivalent and one hour of monthly online dispute resolution continuing education.  We make this ongoing continuing education available to you at no additional cost as part of our Online Mediator Certification Program with a one hour webinar each month (also recorded).

Please contact HERE if you would like additional information on our Mediating Online Trainings or our Online Mediator Certification Program.

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