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Online Mediator Certification

Online Mediator Certification Terms & Conditions offers Certified Mediator Status to Premium Members who:

1.  First, Qualify as a Certified Mediator 


2.  Subscribe to our Standard of Practice

Certified Online Mediators must subscribe to our Standards of Mediation Practice and, as applicable, 
Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation

Online Certified Mediators are also required to subscribe to ethical and best practice standards promulgated by the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR).

3.  Provide and annually update complete practice information including:

  • college and graduate education and all degrees earned
  • professional background
  • mediation and professional credentials and affiliations
  • description of mediation and online mediation training completed
  • description of mediation practice and approach
  • description of costs and fees
  • specification of mediation case experience on a practice area basis
  • a recent picture
  • indication of liability insurance or not
  • maintain ongoing log of mediation and online mediation continuing education

4.  Confirm Availability of References Certified Online Mediators must post links to three or more references prepared to vouch for his or her mediation work, or the Certified Mediator must indicate that references are promptly available upon request.

5.  Certification Standards Subject to Change may change online certified mediator standards upon prior notice to existing Certified Mediators.

6.  Annual Update and Verification
Certified Online Mediators must annually update their certification information and annually verify the accuracy of all provided information.

7. Availability and Cost of Certification
  • Certification is available to active Premium Members who have general Mediator Certification only.
  • There is a $299 online mediator certification review and first year fee. THIS INCLUDES A ONE HOUR MONTHY PROVIDED WEBINAR.
  • Applications will be responded to within 15 days of submission.  This response will be an approval, disapproval, request for additional information, and/or a request for a phone interview with the CEO.  Applications are initially approved or rejected by the CEO. 
  • Applicants may make one Request for Reconsideration per application, which will first be considered by the CEO and then, if approval is still lacking, will be submitted to a 3 member committee of the Advisory Board.  This committee may request additional information and/or request one or more phone interviews.  Final action upon a Request for Reconsideration will be made within 60 days.
  • Applicants can apply for certification once per calendar year.
  • There is a $199 annual renewal fee for Online Mediator Certification.  THIS INCLUDES A ONE HOUR MONTHY PROVIDED WEBINAR.
  • Complaints against Certified Online Mediators will be reviewed and Certified Online Mediator status may be rescinded at any time by & in its sole discretion. 

8. Disclaimer
While seeks to assist the public and specific disputants to consider complete information about a professional, neither nor Resourceful Internet Solutions Inc., are able to make any warranty, express or implied, regarding the quality of dispute resolution services provided by a Certified Mediator, by a Certified Online Mediator, or by any other mediator listed in the Directory.
It is advised that additional inquiry be made of practitioners and references as to professional qualification to assist with specific matters. Participants are also encouraged to consider the information available at and from other sources, including individual legal counsel, regarding alternative dispute resolution processes and selecting capable professional assistance.