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Online Mediator Certificiation

Distinguish Yourself as a Certified Online Mediator!

To meet expanding requests for online mediation, and are establishing a panel of Certified Online Mediators. We will train and certify every online mediator on our select Certified Online Mediator Panel.

We are simultaneously working to develop new case volumes for our Certified Online Mediator Panel. We will provide industry leading online software helpful to handling your online mediation cases.

Specifically, beginning July 2019, & are offering a ground-breaking Online Mediator Certification Program. 

This new Online Mediator Certification Program will first be made available to existing Certified Mediators. General Mediator Certification at is a pre-requisite for our Online Mediator Panel.

Our First Online Mediator Certification Traning is in Santa Clara, CA - July 26-28 is sponsoring the first Online Mediator Certification Training at Santa Clara University Law School July 26-28, 2019. 

This first Online Mediator Certification training is coordinated by Colin Rule, Clare Fowler and Jim Melamed.  This training will be recorded and, in time,  also be made available online.

Please contact us HERE if you would like additional information on Online Mediator Certification Training.

Here is an overview of the first Online Mediator Certification Training July 26-28: 

Friday (PM):

  • Introduction to ODR and Online Mediation

  • Distinctions and Differences between ADR, ODR and Online Mediation

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Mediation

  • When to use Online Mediation / when not to use Online Mediation

  • Online Media for different dispute types:

    • Ecommerce/consumer
    • Courts
    • Family
    • Workplace

Friday Evening: Dinner/Reception

Saturday (AM and PM):

  • Core online mediator skills

  • Online opening statements

  • Reframing & active listening

  • When/how to caucus online

  • Simulations

  • Trying out different tools/platforms

Sunday (AM and PM):

  • Online Mediation ethics

  • Best practices

  • Exercises

  • Reusable language

  • Partnering with "the fourth party"

  • How to use solution-set databases

  • Technology-mediated disputes

Follow on post-training: simulations
(have to complete 3 online mediations – one by video, two by text).  Online Mediator Training Certificates to be issued by Santa Clara University School of Law and

Here is more information on how's Online Mediator Certification works:  

  • first ensures that our Certified Online Mediators are already trained and experienced in face-to-face mediation by requiring general Mediator Certification for our Online Certified Mediators;
  • We further insist upon complete professional information disclosure and transparency;
  • We require the highest ethical standards and that mediator references are made available; and
  • We investigate complaints made against our Certified Online Mediators.

Our Certified Mediators are required to disclose their training and case experience.  Our general Mediator Certification requires at least 100 hours of general mediation training and at least 200 hours of general mediation case experience.  All of this is also a pre-requisite for our Certified Online Mediators.

For Online Mediator Certification, we additionally require a dedicated 15 hour Online Mediator Certification Training, plus at least 12 hours of subsequent annual continuing online dispute resolution training (made available to you as part of the Online Mediator Certification Program - one hour webinar each month).

Please contact us HERE if you would like additional information on Online Mediator Certification Training or our Online Mediator Certification Program.