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November 2017

Apple goes to mediation over denying customers fixes for "error 53"

The Federal Court has referred Apple and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission to mediation over claims the iPhone manufacturer refused to remedy some customers with the infamous "error 53". read


Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in an Information Age

In the 21st century, as courts have gone online and adopted new technologies, we increasingly find mobile courts, video conferencing, online courts, mediation-by-Skype and other innovations. Just as our society has become increasingly connected and networked, courts are now seen as part of a network. read


The Case For Creating A Mediation Department At Your Firm

While most law firm websites tout mediation experience and have alternative dispute resolution practices that tend to focus on arbitration, no major law firm has a dedicated mediation department, and few have mediation specialists to provide a function similar to the appellate experts. read


5 mediation tactics for dealing with an unreasonable roommate

In this article, you’ll learn 5 mediation and conflict-resolving tactics which will help you rise above the petty squabbles, and make peace with your unreasonable roommate. read


Juan de Fuca gets nod to participate in CRD's growth strategy mediation

Mike Hicks will get a say when a mediator tries to end disputes over the Capital Regional District’s growth strategy. Piping water to rural areas is the contentious issue in the strategy, with some CRD directors concerned about urban sprawl, especially in the Juan de Fuca area. Hicks, CRD director for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area, appealed to Premier John Horgan asking him to intervene. read


United States: The Continuing Value Of The Joint Session In Mediation

Traditionally, the joint session has been the foundation of the mediation process. read


Mediation period for Nassar suits to be extended

The mediation period for lawsuits related to alleged sexual abuse by ex-MSU and USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar will be extended, according to court documents filed Monday. read


Federal Court refers Apple and ACCC to mediation over warranty claims

AU Federal Court judge Mark Moshinsky has referred the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Apple to mediation over claims that the iPhone maker misled customers about their rights in relation to defective devices. read


Pontiac goes back to mediation over Phoenix Center lawsuit

The city of Pontiac is currently in mediation with the owners of Ottawa Towers to try and settle a $14 million lawsuit pertaining to the Phoenix Center. read


Anthem Proposes Mediation To End Stalemate With Hartford HealthCare

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is pushing Hartford HealthCare to agree to mediation to end a contract stalemate that has reached its seventh week and is causing tens of thousands of people in Connecticut to pay more for health care. read


Sexual harassment lawsuit against Henrico startup resolved in mediation

A sexual harassment lawsuit brought against a Henrico County health technology company was resolved Tuesday in a court mediation. read


Mediation in Larry Nassar lawsuits could be extended into December

Attorneys on all sides are seeking to extend the mediation phase in the federal lawsuits filed over alleged sexual assaults by Larry Nassar. read


NFL rejects player request for mediation, reiterates Kaepernick invitation

“We don’t believe that there’s a need for a third-party mediator,” league spokesman Joe Lockhart said during a Tuesday morning media briefing. read


Mediator ordered in white nationalist case vs Michigan State

A mediator will try to settle a dispute between Michigan State University and white nationalist Richard Spencer, who wants to speak on campus. read


UN Appoints Obasanjo As High-Level Advisor On Mediation

The United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Antonio Gutierrez has appointed former President Olusegun Obasanjo and 17 other current and past world leaders into the UN High-Level Advisory Board on Mediation. read


Will Welcome US Mediation in Easing Tension With India, Says Pakistan

Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Tuesday said his country will welcome the US' mediation in easing tensions with India but is opposed to President Donald Trump's proposal to give a bigger role to New Delhi in war-torn Afghanistan. read


Iggbo case slated for mediation

Iggbo launched in 2015 with an Uber-like business model to simplify the blood-drawing process. A sex discrimination lawsuit between the health startup and one of its former employees is headed for potential settlement. read


Players seek mediation with NFL; Colin Kaepernick would attend

NFL players who have been protesting social issues during the national anthem have requested a formal mediation session with the league, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick has agreed to attend the meeting. read


Time to celebrate the unsung women heroes of peace mediation

While women are active and successful mediators at the grassroots level, they remain largely invisible in international peacemaking. read

October 2017

APS whistleblower lawsuit headed for mediation

More than two years after former Albuquerque Public Schools Chief Financial Officer Don Moya filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the district, the case is headed to mediation. read


“No backsliding” on Women's Inclusion in Peace Mediation

Last week, Norway made history with Ine Eriksen Søreide becoming the country’s first female foreign minister. Even in relatively gender-equal countries like Norway it is still rare to find women holding top positions in the so-called “hard issue” sectors of foreign affairs and peace and security. Barriers to the full involvement of women in work to prevent and resolve violent conflicts still persist. read


Bishop Cornelius Korir to be remembered for his mediation role

President Uhuru Kenyatta has joined other leaders and Kenyans in mourning Bishop Cornelius Korir of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret. The President said he was deeply saddened by the death of Bishop Koriri, describing him as a great religious leader and an excellent peacemaker. read


Cutting Legal Aid To Families Has Had The Entirely Opposite Effect To The One The Government Intended

The Ministry of Justice took funding away from divorce law so more couples would seek mediation – but they are choosing to go to court with no lawyer instead. read


UK: Mediation: Success Or Failure?

In recent times, there has been anecdotal comment of a perception that more mediations than before are failing with the parties walking away without having reached a deal. Given the resources (both of time and cost) that are often involved on the mediation process, this can be frustrating and here we seek to explore to what extent that perception is borne out by actual mediation outcomes. read


The Putrajaya mediation centre a model for resolving community disputes

“The aim of mediation is to ensure a harmonious and united community by not allowing petty issues to fester. read


Montgomery County jail is a ‘pressure cooker’ for conflict. Here’s how Dayton plans to help

Jails are “pressure cookers” where inmates and corrections staff interact in tense situations that can lead to problem behaviors and other troubles, said Michelle Zaremba, the coordinator of Dayton’s Mediation Center. But there are some tricks to avoiding, identifying and reducing conflict, The mediation center is going to teach inmates and corrections workers how to defuse conflict in its early stages. read


Budget crisis: Do Oklahoma legislators need professional mediation?

After months of intractable debate over state finances, many Oklahomans, lawmakers and advocacy groups are growing weary and pessimistic about the chance that a deal can be reached before agencies must make staggering cuts to health care programs. read


HRM Canada - Workplace Mediation: Why so many leave their job post-mediation

Both anecdotal evidence and researchers, including myself, found that over 80% of companies where disputants participate in mediation as a dispute resolution strategy for interpersonal conflict, one or more of the parties to the mediation will leave their place of employment within one year. read


European Commission should mediate in Catalan crisis, MEP says

The European Commission should intercede in the secession struggle between Spain, which wants to maintain the country's unity, and its Catalonia region which is trying to gain independence, a European parliamentarian said on Tuesday. read


Open Bar: Mediation discards the troubled past in favor of a brighter future

It is no secret that I believe the process of mediation to be far superior to that of litigation. read


Mediation expected in Nicholas County consolidation controversy

State schools superintendent Steve Paine says the Federal Emergency Management Agency has given a favorable impression of extending a funding deadline to build new schools in Nicholas County and a mediator backed by the federal agency and the governor might get involved. read


New York: New Commercial Division Rule Amendments Emphasize Use of ADR

A new state Supreme Court Commercial Division rule requiring counsel to discuss alternative dispute resolution with their clients before the preliminary conference and before each subsequent conference is set to go into effect next year. read


Western Massachusetts court-connected dispute resolution programs honored

Hampden Probate and Family Court Judge David Sacks on Monday praised the work of 15 court-connected dispute resolution programs in Western Massachusetts. read


UK Civil justice overseers back 'presumption' of mediation

Compulsory mediation edged closer today as civil justice experts came out in favour of parties in most cases being required to engage in alternative dispute resolution. read


New Irish Mediation Act places statutory obligation on litigants to consider alternative dispute resolution methods

The Mediation Act (the “Act”), which was signed into law on 2 October 2017, places a new statutory obligation on litigants to consider mediation as a means of resolving a dispute. It is due to commence in the coming weeks. read


Chief judge orders Apuron to join mediation process

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood on Tuesday ordered Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, or his attorney, to participate in premediation talks to try to settle more than 130 Guam clergy sex abuse cases. read


Oct. 17: Roundtable on Mediation and the Homeless

The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs will host a “Roundtable on How Mediation Can Help the Homeless Population” at the L.A. Law Library in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. read


Police discourage victims pressing charges against officers, offer mediation instead

Tyler Pogan was offered the mediation after complaining he was pepper sprayed and repeatedly punched by a police officer during an arrest in Gisborne in October 2014. read


Mediators rally for criminal justice reform

Red cheeked and sweaty in the unseasonable heat, Lorig Charkoudian ran with a mission. The Executive Director of Community Mediation Maryland traveled on foot from Hagerstown en route to Baltimore, stopping at Frederick’s Trinity United Methodist Church on Saturday for the Rally for Criminal Justice Reform. read


The Mediation Act 2017 provides an opportunity for the legal system to become fairer

Cork-based solicitor and chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Ireland branch (CIArb), Bill Holohan is a staunch advocate of mediation to resolve disputes, having had his own personal road to Damascus moment a decade ago. read


China reinforces mediation call as Rohingya crisis spirals

Without alienating Bangladesh, China is backing Myanmar, setting the stage of mediation between the two countries to resolve the Rohingya humanitarian and refugee crisis. read


8 Nobel Peace laureates call for mediation in Catalonia

The Nobel laureates condemned the violence during illegal referendum of independence Oct. 1 in Catalonia and referred to the referendums held in Quebec and Scotland, regions where secession was voted against in 1995 and 2014 respectively, as examples of "mature democracies" and "freedom of expression". read


Baltimore mediation center will work to ensure community engagement with police consent decree

The Baltimore Community Mediation Center, newly appointed to serve on the city’s consent decree monitoring team, said Wednesday it plans to “develop a team of volunteers drawn from various segments of Baltimore’s population to ensure appropriate and authentic community engagement” in the process. read


More NWA conflicts trying mediation over litigation

Mediation as an alternative to litigation is increasing in Northwest Arkansas and across the state. According to the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission, 378 cases were resolved with mediation in 2013; 400 cases in 2014 and 500 cases in 2015. read


Is Mediation a Good Idea for Your Divorce?

Divorces can be brutal. Even if you and your spouse are trying to end things reasonably, you may still need to go through months of lengthy courtroom procedures, and face rapidly escalating legal fees. There is, however, an alternative. If you and your spouse are amicable to one another, you could pursue mediation—but is it really a good idea? read


Judge Farlam to drive minibus taxi mediation

Cape Town - Retired Supreme Court of Appeal Judge Ian Farlam has been appointed by the Western Cape government to mediate in the conflict between minibus taxi operators in the province that turned violent in September. read


Study: Mediation favored; style fitting litigants' status may be better

A novel Indiana study finds judges, lawyers and mediators broadly agree that mediation is likelier than trial proceedings to provide fair and satisfactory results for couples in family law cases. Researchers also suggest that mediators may be able to further improve outcomes by tailoring their styles to fit litigants’ circumstances. read


Catalonia waters down mediation proposal to convince Madrid

Catalonia is looking for an international mediator who would help build a minimum of “mutual trust” between Madrid and Barcelona following the region’s independence referendum on 1 October, read

September 2017

South Africa: Why mediation and arbitration offer a better route to solving medical disputes

The benefit of a medical mediation is that the emotional toll on both parties in the dispute is minimized. read


EU Parliament Resolution on the implementation of the Mediation Directive

The EU Parliament has adopted a Resolution on the implementation of the EU Mediation Directive containing recommendations aimed at increasing the use of mediation in civil and commercial disputes throughout the EU. The Resolution follows a 2016 report by the EU Commission which concluded that, overall, the Mediation Directive had added value, particularly by prompting significant legislative changes in several Member States. read